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Feel at home. With us.

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle"

We see it like Albert Einstein: marvel at the wonders of nature and let yourself be enchanted every day.

Come visit us, for a drink, for an hour, a few days or move directly to us. We love meeting people, the exchange, the joy. Life is there to be enjoyed. That's what we're here for.

We, that are Manfred and Bernadette Burtscher. We welcome you to our small, family-run hotels. We look forward to having you with us in Nüziders or Gaschurn and always strive to make your holiday enjoyable. We are passionate hosts and are happy to cater to your wishes so that your holiday with us becomes an unforgettable experience and pure relaxation. We take our own attachment to our homeland and our love of nature as an opportunity to show you our region and our Daneu from its most beautiful side and to draw your attention to the small miracles of everyday life.

With many great people by our side

What we would be without our great team that makes our hotel a wonderful place every day. We are very proud of our dear colleagues who care attentively about our guests and share our values. We are all full of motivation and strive to fulfill all your wishes to your satisfaction.

We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes

Your family Burtscher & the team from the Hotel Daneu

Manfred - an innkeeper with body and soul

He takes care of everything that has to do with numbers and all that gimmick. However, his passion unfolds in the kitchen. And everyone can taste that. Always up for a "Hetz" (Vorarlberg dialect word for "having fun") or a Jass (Vorarlberg card game) with the regulars. If you can't find him, then he's probably hiding behind a screen to watch an exciting soccer match. Go and join him.

Bernadette - a doer through and through

Our dear Bernadette takes care of pretty much everything in the house. But she also develops true arts in the kitchen - prefers all kinds of sweet treats. Try the great cakes or a fine yeast braid for breakfast. It will enchant you. Bernadette loves nature and to move in it. You found a mushroom in the forest, you want to know which mountain peak is the second from the left or you have a tip for a great hiking trail - you will find all the answers with her.

History & Names

Out of love for entertaining guests, Hermine Burtscher opened Café Daneu in the 1960s. Her son Manfred shares this passion and expanded the café into a hotel in 1980. This makes the Daneu one of the oldest restaurants in Nüziders.

In 1989 the second house in Gaschurn was bought and also named Daneu. Both businesses are lovingly run by Bernadette and Manfred Burtscher.

The name Daneu was derived from the field name Daneu in Nüziders. The name Daneu means "alder tree" or "alder bush".

Burtscher KG

Burtscher KG
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